Young HSICON 2022

Young HSICON 2022 was held in Kolkata on April 1 st and 2 nd , 2022. It was a one of a kind event with a very forward-looking outlook. The singular theme conference focused on various aspects of Hernia Surgery. It would be remembered as a benchmark event with participation of “Young-er” surgeons than one would normally come across on such occasions.

The program was envisioned by HSI EC and local organisations was by Dr Sarfaraz Baig along with Dr Pallawi Priya, and Dr Sumanta Dey. Fourteen young surgeons including Dr Mandar Gadgil, Dr Nidhi Khandelwal, Dr Aditi Agarwal, Dr Vishal Soni, Dr Harsh Sheth, Dr Yusuf Afaque, Dr Vikas Singhal, Dr Shivanshu Mishra, Dr Anmol Ahuja, Dr Ashish Dey, Dr Ashwin Thangavelu, Dr Ganesh Shenoy and Dr Tarun Mittal from all across country were the organisers and executors.

Novel approaches of learning & presentation like “WITC – What’s in the Case”, Debates took the centre-stage over didactic lectures, Sessions like Bumble Corner provided an open mic for the more-experienced surgeons to share their thoughts and the edutaining Quiz was a quirky way to conclude the conference.

The choice of topics, the content of sessions & skills of surgeons in live surgeries were admirable. Participation from various parts of the country was seen, highlighting the fact that India harbours talents in all its corners.

We, as a surgical fraternity have a responsibility to prepare the next generation of able, knowledgeable & skilled surgeons. Teaching & encouragement across various platforms is the much-needed bridge to ensure the continuity & safety of surgical care being passed as an intellectual inheritance.

Events like Young HSICON encourage & inspire younger surgeons to see & consider Hernia Surgery more seriously and as a speciality branch in itself. The rejuvenated interest & energy needs channelization and we see that happening with such platforms where young contemporary surgeons can meet, become friends & fraternity for life.