Founder President’s Message

Abdominal wall hernias is a common ailment needing surgical management. It is one of the basic problems that a surgical trainee is exposed to in initial stages of his career and has to learn to manage competently. Since a number of fundamental questions pertaining to the management of hernias continue to be raised, appropriate and adequate training is mandatory for successful outcome.

Hernia surgery so far has been performed by general surgeons. However, in last 2 decades, problems of recurrence of hernia, infection and chronic pain have demanded more attention from surgeons. Newer techniques, evolution of technological advancements, specialized instruments, availability of superior prosthetic materials and proper understanding of anatomy and physiology has revolutionized the thinking on hernia management. A lot of literature is now published to provide evidence-based medicine, which helps surgical fraternity to select an appropriate procedure and an appropriate product for a given patient.

Since introduction and advancement of minimal access surgery, a new era has evolved in the management of hernias. Combined with this is the availability of newer anaesthetic drugs, epidural anaesthesia and concept of day care surgery.

To cover this wide field, hernia societies have been formed in USA, Europe and now in the Asia Pacific region. Hernia Society of India is the National Chapter of Asia Pacific Hernia Society with a strong membership of 850 plus surgeons.

H G Doctor

Founder President – Hernia Society of India