Guidelines for HSI Conferences

Guidelines for conducting any Conference / Workshop / CME / other scientific activity under the banner of Hernia Society of India (HSI)

– All Annual / Midterm / Zonal Conferences / CME / Workshop should be done under the banner of Hernia Society of India (HSI) – National Chapter of Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS).

– Written Consent is to be acquired from the President / Hon. Secretary before announcing the activity to the members.

– The Vice President and three Executive Members of the Zone, to be actively involved and it is desirable that they participate and are present during this activity.

– It is desired that at least one of the senior office bearers, President / Hon. Secretary/ Hon. Treasurer, should be present in this activity.

– Should keep the President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer informed about the selection of faculty and other academic details of the conference.

– The brochure of announcement should have invitation letter from President / Secretary of the society apart from an invitation letter from local organizing committee. It should also have a list of Founder members & executive committee members of HSI & APHS with logos. An electronic copy of the brochure should be send to the President and Hon. Secretary for their perusal.

– At the conclusion of the conference, 50% of the surplus funds should be sent to the treasurer along with audited statement of accounts within 6 months. Remaining 50% of the surplus funds should be utilized by the organizers for Hernia related training activities in their region. The President and Hon. Secretary should be informed about these activities.

– The HSI will not have any financial / legal liability arising from any scientific activity.

– The activity should also be announced in the HSI Newsletter if time permits. It may also be advertised in other Journals as well i.e. JMAS, IJS.

– A memorandum of understanding is to be signed between the HSI and local organizers outlining the above terms and conditions.

– On completion of the conference, the organizers should send a summary of the event to the office along with the audited financial report.

– The dates of conferences organized should not clash with other Zonal / Regional conference.

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