Founder President Dr H G Doctor oration

In 2016, the Hernia Society of India instituted an eponymous oration to honour its Founder
President Dr Harshad G. Doctor. This oration, delivered during the annual conference of the
HSI, is awarded to a surgeon of international repute who has contributed significantly to the
science of herniology. The surgeons honoured so far are:

Dr Pradeep Chowbey, India                 HSICON 2016            Aurangabad
Dr Davide Lomanto, Singapore           HSICON 2017            New Delhi
Dr Tehemton E. Udwadia, India           HSICON 2018            Chennai
Dr Todd Heniford, USA                         HSICON 2019             Kolkata
Dr Eric Pauli, USA                                  HSI eCON 2020         Bangalore
Dr Mahesh Misra, India                         HSICON 2021             Aurangabad
Dr Marc Miserez, Belgium                    HSICON 2022            Jaipur                                                                                               
Dr C Palanivelu, India                            HSICON 2023            Hyderabad