Laparoscopic Hernia training Course

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Bangalore Endoscopic Training Institute and Research Centre, AV Hospital, Bangalore conducted a laparoscopic hernia training course from September 20th -22nd 2019. AV Hospital is recognized as “Centre of Excellence in Hernia Surgery” by Hernia Society of India and Asia Pacific Hernia Society.

This training course of 3 days was endorsed by Hernia Society of India.This was the 3rd Hernia course of this year. Dr. M. Ramesh was the Director and Dr.Ganesh Shenoy was the Program Coordinator of this course. This was attended by 5 surgeons across India. This training course included Live operative demonstrations, Endotrainer sessions on different modules on BEST Endotrainers and Didactic sessions.

The live operative session included Laparoscopic TAPP, TEP, E-TEP and IPOM Plus repairs. These surgeries were also web-casted through which was watched by many others. The endotrainer sessions included endosuturing and knotting, IPOM plus repair for ventral hernia and TAPP repair for inguinal hernia on indigenously prepared modules on BEST Endotrainers.

Internationally renowned faculty were the part of Didactic sessions. These didactic sessions were transmitted through Zoom, a novel way of teleconferencing. All the sessions were successfully conducted flawlessly. Dr. Ajay Kriplani, Dr Rajesh Khullar, Dr. Anil Sharma, Dr. Ramesh Agarwalla, Dr. Sandeep Dave, Dr. Deepraj Bhandarkar, Dr. Ramesh Punjani, Dr Sarfaraz Baig and Dr.T. Sivakumar were the external faculty for this course. The trainees received Certificate of training from BEST Institute and Research Centre, Course Manual and DVD containing Master Videos of various types of Laparoscopic Hernia surgeries.