HSICON 2022, Jaipur

HSICON 2022, Jaipur

The 16th National Annual Conference of the Hernia Society of India (HSICON2022) was held at BM Birla Auditorium, Jaipur on 1st, 2nd & 3rd September and organised by RAJ Hernia Society & Saket Hospital, Jaipur.

With the idea that we all work together, discuss the scientific research and share our recent knowledge to further strengthen our resolve. Hence the theme of the conference was aptly decided as Evolution to Solution.

The local organising committee was comprising of Dr. Jitendra Chawla, Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Dr. R K Kanojiya, Dr. Jeevan Kankariya & Dr. Hemendra Sharma. They were wholeheartedly supported by HSI core group – Dr. Deepraj Bhandarkar, Dr. Manish Baijal, Dr. Randeep Wadhawan, Dr. Vijay Borgaonkar, Dr. Sumeet Shah & Dr. Sarfaraz Baig & others.

It was attended by more than 500 Hernia Surgeons from across the Country and neighbouring countries, with few deliberations by Stalwart surgeons from US & Belgium.

Day 1
• Masterclasses were conducted with overwhelming response on – 
• Basic Hernias
• Advanced Hernias
• Hiatus & Diaphragmatic Hernias
• Robotic Hernia Surgery.
• In all, more than 100 delegates participated in these specially crafted dedicated training programmes.

On the same day, in the Live Operative Workshop a variety of hernia surgeries including Lichtenstein, TAPP, TEP, B/L e-TEP for Groin Hernia and Open Rives- Stoppa, IPOM/ IPOM Plus, TARM for Ventral Hernia were performed at Saket Hospital, Jaipur and  transmitted flawlessly to Birla Auditorium.

Day 2
Started with a Virtual Live Operative session on Robotic Hernia Surgery  by International faculty from US
• Robotic TAPP (Groin) by Shirin Towfigh 
• Robotic TAPP (Ventral) by Conrad Bellecer 
• Robotic e-TEP / TAR by Rockson Liu 

Founder President Dr. HG Doctor Oration was delivered by Dr Marc Miserez from Belgium. Architect of Belgian registry acknowledged the most significant paper from India in terms of data & registery by India Hernia Collaborative. 
And then, The Masterpiece Presidential Address by President, HSI Dr. Deepraj Bhandarkar delivered Pearls of Wisdom Choices for Ventral Hernia repair – navigating the maze.

Not only the academics, but the delegates and faculty enjoyed the Banquet dinner held in the evening

Day 3
Started with yet another  Virtual Live Operative session by National stalwarts
• SCOLA by Dr. Ganesh Shenoy
• e-TEP bottoms up TAR for Midline Ventral Hernia by Dr. Rahul Mahadar
• e-TEP for Lateral Ventral Hernia by Dr. Sarfaraz Baig 

Padmashri Dr. Pradeep Chowbey delivered a Keynote Lecture titled Hiatus Hernia – Confusion to Conclusion* 
Overall, the 3 day conference had masterclasses, live operative workshop, didactic Lectures etc. There were 46 faculty deliberations, 5 panel discussions & 5 debates incorporating plethora of Hernias including Groin, Ventral & Hiatus Hernia. In addition, 85 Paper & 51 E-poster presentations by guest speakers, younger colleagues & PG students.

Additionally, all enjoyed a much needed break and meeting each other personally after exhausting pandemic & missing in-person meetings for two years. The exhilarating conference ended on the positive note thanking all the Organisers, Participants & Industry partners with a promise to meet again in forthcoming HSI events, especially HSICON 2023 at Hyderabad. Thanks a lot to EC, HSI especially President Dr. Deepraj Bhandarkar , Secretary Dr. Manish Baijal , Treasurer Dr. Randeep Wadhawan & Founder Dr. Pradeep Chowbey sir for having faith & believing and bestowing this opportunity on us.