Hernia Symposium, Bhopal

Hernia Symposium, Bhopal

It all began one fine evening at Kolkata during Young HSICON playing cricket with Dr. Sarfaraz Baig when the idea to hold the 1st Hernia Symposium at Bhopal was born.

The conference hosted by Dept. of General Surgery, ABVGMC, Vidisha & Bhopal Surgeon’s Club and held at ABVGMC, Vidisha and Jehan-Numa Palace, Bhopal on the 9th & 10th of July ’22 was a landmark even in the history of Madhya Pradesh wherein 12 live laparoscopic hernia surgeries (TAPP, TEP, eTEP, eTEP Rives Stoppa, Rives Stoppa, Robotic TAPP)were performed at OT complex of ABVGMC that were transmitted live to Jehan-Numa Palace and relayed globally via LapGuru.

The chief organizers were Dr. D Paramhans, Dr. Ashutosh Soni, Dr. Ishant Chaurasia, Dr. Sudesh Sharda & Dr. Priyank Chelawat and surgeries live surgeries were performed by Dr. Sanjay Sonar, Dr. Ashutosh Soni, Dr. Sameer Rege, Dr. Ganesh Shenoy, Dr. Achal Agarwal, Dr. Erbaz Momin, Dr. Sudesh Sharda, Dr. Mandar Gadgil, Dr. Ashwin Thangavelu, Dr. Vishal Soni, Dr. Sadashiv Choudhary, Dr. Arvind Ghangoriya

Designed for both the masters, the budding surgeons and novice postgraduate residents this conference had a little something for everybody. Chief highlights were the Masterclass by Dr. Patta Radhakrishnan & Dr. Parveen Bhatia. The latter went on for an hour with several queries and doubts asked. This highlights the passion of the trainers and zeal for learning of the trainees.

Dr. Deepraj Bhandarkar & Dr. Sarfaraz Baig addressed the Symposia via zoom meetings, Dr. Jignesh Gandhi delivered an AWR masterclass, Dr. Harsh Seth talked about Indian Hernia collaboration, Dr. Vishal Soni demonstrated live Robotic TAPP from Ahmedabad. Dr. Vivek Bindal via enlighten about the advancements in hernia surgery using robot. Dr. Vishal Soni also taught postgraduates endosuturing on endotrainors. Dr. Suresh Deshpande, Director IMAST delivered a live lecture via Zoom and boosted the confidence of our young postgraduates who’s attendee were 92 from across the state. There were many lectures, debates, newer approaches, some fascinating surgical videos were displayed. Participations from all across the country were seen. Sixteen post graduate posters and 12 free papers were presented and cash reward of Rs. 5000/- was awarded to the winners.

The honourable CM of MP Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan & Medical Education minister Shri. Vishwas Sarang Ji tweeted their appreciation for this landmark academic feast. Medical Education minister personally attended the event, thanked the HSI, endorsed the Symposium with Govt of MP and gave blessings to host more such academic events in the state.

With more than 370 delegates onsite and over 150 virtually, this program was much needed to showcase the work being done at MP, and to further continuous enhancement of surgical knowledge. On both days the entire event and both halls were house full.

The event served as a gateway for learning and a beginning of a new era for the state of Madhya Pradesh as the heart of India was showcased. A one of a kind tech med show was organized for our sponsors..