Basic Laparoscopic Hernia Cadaver course

Basic Laparoscopic Hernia Cadaveric course was conducted by HSI and Sri Ramachandra medical College on 12 March 2022. Ten delegates from all over India attended the course. The Organising Chairman for the course was Prof. K Balaji Singh and Organising Secretary was Prof Naveen Alexander. The faculty for the course were Dr Deepraj Bhandarkar, Dr Manish Baijal, Professor CD Narayanan, and Professor S Saravanan. Dr Manish Baijal gave the introduction and Dr Bhandarkar highlighted activities of HSI. This was followed by three brief video lectures by Dr Naveen Alexander , Professor CD Narayanan, Professor Saravanan. Participants then spent rest of the day performing TEP, TAPP, IPOM and familiarising themselves with exposure for TAR on 4 cadavers.